Tuesday, June 16, 2015

11 hours of driving!!!

Brentwood!!! Well I'm here in Gillette Wyoming!! It's been crazy!! So it all started Wednesday morning. I drove from Great Falls to Helena one and a half hours. I was in Helena Montana at 11 am and I drove a truck to Billings for 4 hours, then once in Billings hopped in the transfer van to head down to Sheridan Wyoming, another 3 hour drive. Then from Sheridan I got in another truck and followed the van through a crazy crazy lightning and thunder storm to Gillette... another hour and half drive!!!! hahaha A total of 11 hours! It was a crazy long day of driving!! We call our mission the driving mission! It is so big. I was so sick of being in a car for that long!! But it was really cool to see all the new parts of the mission!! Sheridan was way cool I would love to serve there, it was really pretty!! Gillette has it own beauty.... hahaha lots of nothing!! haha very flat!! It is in the far north east corner of Wyoming. It is a mining town so many people are employed by the mines. But it has been a sweet place so far, the work exploded this week! There were some good people the missionaries were teaching and we were able to put them on a solid date for baptisim!! so we have 3 people to get baptized this transfer! It'll be a lot of fun tracting here in Gillette. Our area has a ton of appartment buildings and those are my favorite to tract!!! My companion was in another mission until six weeks ago when the mission boundaries changed which landed him in our mission. He is from Oakley Idaho. He is a rodeo cowboy. We will have lots to talk about. He goes home the same day I do. So I'm excited! It should be a good transfer! It'll be different, all the members and the missionaries are used to their old mission rules so sometimes I feel like the bad guy enforcing the new rules for them! But it has to be done I guess! It is such a small world. I was shopping in Walmart for groceries when I arrived in Gillette. I ran into a missionary that served with my sister Brook in Baltimore. I also found out that my great uncle is currently working in Gillette. And I am sure some of you remember Elder Stang. He served in Brentwood/Oakley for over a year. I am serving in his ward now. Crazy! I think he is feeding us this week. Well I'm doing good and I'm happy! I hope everybody has a good week and stays safe!! See everyone in 11 weeks!!! 

Love, Elder Swishdaddy

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