Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Killing Machine?!?

HOWDY!!!! Well Brentwood I got my new missionary and he is a good guy!!! He is  very clean and stylish.....soooo the opposite of me;) hahaha But we get along great and have fun together!! He is from Irvine California. His name is Elder Kimball. He is distant cousins with President Kimball! Transfer weeks are always crazy with a bunch of junk going on!! But we actually got some really good work done this week!!:) I am soooo happy to be staying here in cody for another 6 weeks its literally heavan on earth! Lets see first I have to update you on my food of course, we may have had the worst tasting food ever this week! haha My first week that I haven't had really good food:( and that"s hard for a fat person like me to go a whole week with out good food! well I take that back every night this week I had a great dessert! We go to this family's house every night at 8:45 to get a ride home and they always have a dessert for us.....its great!!!:) so I can't complain to much I guess! We did a lot of knocking on doors and our three investigators are progressing well. Knocking doors Doesn't  sound like fun?!?! Well seriously it is! hahaha no sarcasim it's the best! hahaha Well funny story of the week, first door we go kncok on so it's my new missionary's first door ever! There is a huge dog! So I was trying to set the example for my companion and not be afraid of this massive killing machine so I said I'll go in first and you just follow me. So I go in the gate and this dog takes off after me and I'm running around the yard trying to avoid my death while my new missionary closes the gate and is yelling trying to tell me where to go to get away from the dog..... thanks for the help buddy!! hahaha I probably looked ridiculous trying to run around with this new stomach I have formed! But I finally jumped over the fence and was safe. It was by far the funniest thing that has happened to me yet! gotta love the mission:) well I think thats all I got for yall!! hope it's a good week and be safe!!!

Love Elder Swishdaddy

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