Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Emblem Wyoming, population...10!

HOWDY!!! Well transfer calls are in and I'm staying here in Cody!!! Thank goodness!!!! I love it here!!! Meanwhile me and elder Archie's terror together is over....almost 5 months strong together!! He is leaving tomorrow for Poplar Montana! poor guy.... hahahaha I'll be traning another new missionary fresh from the mtc in provo!! It'll be fun, training... I have a love hate relationship with training........This will be my third time doing it so hopefully I have it down by now! hahah so this week I got to go back on exchanges in lovely Burlington! Where the town is basically all members! hahaha but while I was there I got to meet some new people who were awesome and treated us missionaries really good!! There is one paved road in Burlington and all the rest are sweet dirt roads and every where you look is a beautiful field of corn,sugar beats,lettuce....and the list goes on! but it is really pretty I loved it! While I was there I got to eat dinner in Emblem wyoming! I'm sure y'all have heard of it! Theres barely any elbow room cuz the town has a whole population of.... 10! hahaha yep theres literally 10 people that live there! Why do they live there?! I have no idea! hahaha but it made for a cool picture next to the population sign!;) hahaha  Sadly there was no mouth watering food this week:( but my fatty senses tell me this week will be a good food week!:) hahaha have a great week!!!

Love Elder Swishdaddy

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