Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Baby Moose...RUN!!!

HEY!!! Soooo I just got back to Cody on Friday. Our work is moving forward. We will be having our baptism this Saturday. I am so excited. We have one for sure but crossing our fingers for two baptisms! So we had the best pday ever. The two best mountain men in cody took us hiking. We were gone all day so I only have a few minutes. It will be mostly pictures today. I am so sore but man was the hike gorgeous!!!! They took us to the spot where they will be hunting their bear and elk this year! It was so beautiful!!!! They both had their bear guns so don't worry mom;) hahaha they both were carrying 12 guages that they built themselves!!! It was so cool! We didn't see any bears:( but as we were walking back I thought I saw something move and I looked over and it was a calf moose!!!!!! And the two big tough burley mountain men started running away and told us to follow! hahahaha so we got a good distance away and they said there is nothing more dangerous than a momma moose protecting her calf! hahahaha but it was cool to see the calf even though we didn't see the momma!  I am going on another exchange after the baptism to Burlington. Burlington is a tiny town with 2 wards there.... the elders there have 1 investigator and the only less active family in the wards just moved so they have a perfect attendence record!!!! hahahaha isnt that crazy?!?!?!?! hahaha And do you believe I just hit my 11 month mark yesterday?!?!?! crazyness!!!! Well have a good week! 

Love Elder Swishdaddy

Mini roping toy

outside our window

baby moose

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