Monday, October 7, 2013

I even like my v-neck sweaters!

Another week in great falls was good as always!!! cant complain living the mission life!:)  a lot of service this past week! which is always fun!! i get made fun of being from california and wearing my wranglers hahaha but its all good i love these people here they love to joke around a lot like me so we bond pretty well!:) Its crazy that ive only been out for a month!! its gone by really fast!!! Ummm ITS BUTT COLD here!! hahaha im like layring up with all my clothes... yes even my v neck sweaters have become my best friends hahaha but itll go from freezing to 70 degrees overnight!! its crazy! haha But yeah confrence this weekend was CRAZY good!!!! Maybe cuz its the first one ive stayed awake 100%
through hahahaha now i know what ive been missin out on all these years!! haha we had an investagator drop us this week cuz hes moving to canada to be closer to his CFL team! haha so that was a bummer but thats just how missionary life goes i guess!! so we will just have to work harder to find more people!:) well i know im terrible at writting long updates so i apologize!! haha but i love you all and hope everybody has a great week!!:)

Elder Swisher

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