Thursday, October 24, 2013


HELLO!!!!!! I hope my sister is like spell checking all of my stuff cuz yeah you guys know me;) hahaha but the mission life is AMAZING!!! Im loving everyday out here! Me and elder Brock have a couple investagators! its crazy how you grow to love the people you teach even when you are just spending a couple of hours with them a week! our baptisim this saturday bailed on us....:( they saud they wernt ready for it, but im still gonna bug them every week until they feel ready;) haha ive come to except that as a missionary EVERYTHING is awkward hahaha like seriously they should put that in your call letter! But i have learned to love the awkwardness because well i dont know but missionarys here live for the awkward momments haha But yeah life is good and the weather is warm today cuz Montana weather is bipolar and cant make up its mind if its winter or summer! haha but its beautiful and i love it here!!:) hope all is well back at home i love you guys!!!!!!<3
Elder Swish Daddy

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