Monday, October 28, 2013

Blizzard and Pictures!

HOWDY!! soooo i represented Swisher Cement this week i got to help pour a slab of concrete for a shed or something and they were shocked i knew how to edge and float! haha it was hilarious! So yeah its BUTT COLD here!! As we speak its a blizzard outside haha its insane! its not California thats forsure! Elder Brock is from Arizona so we are both freezing out here! Driving in the snow.... its weird hahaha i drive like crazy slow so it takes forever to get places but its pretty sick when you slide and kinda just have no control haha its like mudding but cold. haha freezing cold! hahaha but yeah just doing the same thing trying to find people and chopping a lot of wood for people!! im trying to get the nickname started "The Lumberjack" catchy huh? yeah if only i could grow a beard it would be real hahaha but yeah its good im working a lot cuz if i didnt i would be fat as heck... i eat way to much... but yeah found out i can wear my cowboy boots when i do service so im gonna need my momma send them to me!! oh yeah minor detail... We got IPADS!! its so sick, we have a bunch of videos now and if somebody lives far away we can facetime them and teach them its sweet!! but i had a problem at home with breaking my iphone so im trying to be extra carefull and not break it haha that would stink!! but yeah thats about it from me in montana! hope you guys are warm... cuz IM NOT!!!! hahaha have a good week i miss everybody and my home but hey only 22 more months hahaha love you guys!!!!
love, elder swish daddy

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