Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Free Hot Chocolate!!!

HELLO!!! So pretty boring week! We are trying to find contacts so we had a free hot chocolate stand trying to meet people. We thought no one noticed but our zone leader said he had a handful of people ask about it! It snowed again last night and my companion likes to sleep with the window open so I'm freezing at night. I sleep with hand warmers everywhere and like 5 blankets! We also cut wood a lot for service here. Saturday we cut wood for like 5 hours! Me and another elder broke 3 axes so we got demoted to wood stackers. I felt terrible! Football is huge here. Friday night was the cross town rivalry football game. No one was home everyone was at the game. One game we worked the snack bar for service. Coffee was on the menu and no one knew how to make coffee....except me. My grandma Swisher taught me to make coffee for her when I was little! haha So who knew it would come in handy on the mission!! Next week will be awesome!! haha love you guys!!! 

Much Love, Elder Swisher

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