Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Snoring like a jet plane...

Hey!!! So we had an awesome week!!!! Well actually didnt start off so hot, so we had to house these two other missionaries, hahahah they are funny guys but then when they fell asleep.... i swear it sounded like jet airplanes flying through the room!!!!! Me and my companion could not fall asleep!!!! it was awful hahaha so finally at 1:15 AM i told my companion i was going to sleep in the bathroom hahaha we had to get up early the next morning and i had to drive to Helena, so i go into the bathroom and i finally fall asleep on the nice cold tial and then i hear the door open and my companion walks in and lays down hahahaha we both slept in the bathroom... worst night sleep ever but probably looked really funny. So the next day we had meetings in Helena which is boring... but the drive is beautiful we have to drive through this canyon and its awesome after we drove through it i thought man everybody back home would love to see this... but you know me i totally forgot to take pictures soooo just use your imagination hahaha:) but yeah then we got to teach our investagators and we put them on date to be baptized!! it was awesome!!!:) oh and this week i discoverd that Almond Joys are not just for old people, my whole life ive assumed that only old people eat them but HECK no they are awesome im gonna get so fat just from eating almond joys and huckleberry stuff haha. TURKEY KILL IS THIS SATURDAY:( first time i will have missed it my whole life!!!!!!! Man first thing i do when i come home in 21 and half months is kill a turkey hahaha so you guys better kill some turkeys for me!!! Im expecting Klint and the Babos to take care of my job for me;) hahaha The pictures with the boxes are from a night when we couldn't leave the apartment because of a storm so we made up our own games to play! well i love you guys and i miss everybody and i hope all you mean people are enjoyinmg the sun while its freezing here! hahah have a good week everybody!!!:):):):):)
Much love, Elder Swishdaddy

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