Monday, August 24, 2015

12 days

Well another week here and gone!! It's freakin me out a little bit!! This week was awesome!! One of my favorite families from Cody came to say goodbye this week, so they took us out to lunch and it was so good to see them, they are awesome!! But the big news isssss we put someone on date for baptism!!! Oh man we were so pumped! The work has been a little slow but we have just been pounding through it and finally we got a reward!!! It felt soooo good!!! And then a less active member of the church took us to go watch the demolition derby!!! That is always a blast, espescially as a missionary when we go to events like that people stare at us and give us the funniest looks. So for all my friends back at home, don't give the missionaries funny looks, they are normal people too!!! hahaha man the emotions are all over the place, being so close to the end, I'm excited to be home but man I love this life. I love being a missionary, it's a blast! ITS NOT OVER YET!!! Still got like 12 days!! This week on Thursday we will be headin up to billings for a big meeting, a general authority is coming to speak to us all, so that will be exciting!! I will get to see some old buddies before I leave next week! Man crazy!! But okay I'll talk to ya for the last time next week!! Have a good one!!

Love, elder Swishdaddy

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