Monday, December 9, 2013

-40 degrees and pictures

TRANSFER WEEK! Well its a no longer hello from Great Falls... I'm off to a little town called Shepherd just outside of Billings! I hope it'll be good. I leave wednesday and yeah thats about all i know haha buuuut this last week well I guess it was 2 weeks ago I just forgot to tell you guys, so we went out to a tiny town called Ulm and we helped fix up a chicken coop and help clean their horses and burn a bunch of burn piles. So that was really fun! thats the kinda work I was expecting to do coming to montana! haha I loved it:) but this week... weeellll it was in the negatives ALL WEEK!!! but on tuesday and wednesday we shoveled like 10 driveways... I was sore, I'm glad I never had to do that growing up hahaha but then the rest of the week was -40s hahah soooooooo cold it literally hurt to be outside!! So we had to stay inside for 3 days straight.... I was going crazy being in a small room for that long!! haha but on friday we had our ward christmas party and that was fun we got to eat a lot and talk to everyone it was really fun!:) The hunting season is over so we havn't seen deer tied on cars and hanging out of truck beds so that is not as fun to drive around anymore hahahaha but yeah thats about it from me! so next time I write you I will be in Shepherd Montana! Wish me luck!!:) I love all of you have a great week!!:)
much love, elder swishdaddy

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