Monday, January 12, 2015

Dog Sledding!

Hello Brentwood!!! well it was another great week being a missionary!! It snowed like crazy this week and was freeeeeeeezzzing cold!!! But thats Montana for ya! I love it! well not the freezing part but yeah I'll live! hahaha sooo this week we got to go on a dog sled ride!!!! it was waaaay sweet!!!! A member of our ward races in dog sled races and let us try it in his backyard. Check out how big his back yard is in the photos. Not quite like our backyards in California! Those dogs are more powerful than you would think!! we were going pretty fast! haha I felt cool cuz I was in charge of the brake!;) pretty special! haha but it was a blast! and the most exciting part of the week was that we put two new people on date for baptisim!!!!!! They are brothers and are rough around the edges but we will work with them and get them ready! haha then this weekend I went on exchanges with the 5th ward elders and got to go teach some of their people, I love going back to 5th ward and seeing some of the families that I started my mission with!! But 5th ward elders don't have a car most of the time so we were the snow.....some parts we were walking in snow like half way up our shins!! It really stunk!! haha I just wore my dress shoes, I didn't break out the boots and my feet were soaked and freezing hahaha makes for good stories right?;) haha well on Wednesday we were at our apartment waiting for dinner to get dropped off and when the lady called we all ran downstairs and got the food and as we got to our door I realized non of us grabbed the keys....... soooo we were locked out!!!! AGAIN!!! we tried calling our land lord and they wouldn't answer so we ate our dinner in our hallway! haha we tried calling them again and they answerd and said they would be right over and for us not to leave..... it took them 3 hours to come.... we just sat there in the hall, it was such a waste of time!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha so yeah that was my exciting story for the week!! I hope you have a great week and I'll talk to everybody next week!!!
Love Elder Swishdaddy!

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