Monday, September 23, 2013

First Week in Montana!

So I'm in Great Falls Montana!!! Its one of their bigger cities...:/ so not the little country town that I wanted! but it's still awesome here!!! I love everyday! Me and my comp have a butt load of investagators and we teach them often!!! and we have a lot a lot a lot of less actives that we have had to work on! we have one of our investigators set with a baptisim date in october so hopefully it comes through and me and my comp can get our first baptisim! ummm well mission life is awesome and the people here are loving and caring and definitely make you feel at home!:) I'm on a bike and its actually kinda fun riding! haha and probably good so I don't get hecka fat!! But yeah thats all I got for you this week! well since I havn't been here for a full week even I'm pretty boring;) haha love you guys!!
Elder Swisher (swishdaddy)

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  1. Love the carpet in the room and that looks like a pretty sweet ride for a couple of elders! We are glad to hear that Elder Swisher is well and doing great things.